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Z1. Tsepelovo – Dracolimni

Route duration 5.30 – 6 hours that begins from the village Tsepelovo and leads to Dracolimni at 2.100 m altitude. It crosses a big part of alpine plateaux as it goes through the N.E. fringes of the big ravine “Megalos Lakkos”, branch of Viko’s gorge, Loutsa “Rompozi” (loutsa = small lake), and the plateau of Lakes (Dimple Tsoumani) in the region of Papigo. The main part of the route goes through grasslands, where there are no trees.

Z2.Vradeto – Beloi

In 35’ from the village Vradeto one can reach the location “Beloi”. From there the visitor has a panoramic view of Viko’s ravine.

Z3. Elafotopos – Avgerinos

In 1.30 hour from Vradeto, following the path that it initially goes through old fields and then from grasslands, one can pass easternly of the height Avgerinos in order to meet a bit later the path that comes from Tsepelovo and leads to Dracolimni (Z1). Variants of the main path for Dracolimni – that is not however distinct – can lead to Astraka, Gamila and other tops, while its’ connection with (03) leads to the village Vrysochori or Papigo.

Z4. Elafotopos – Azmpozios – Vikos

The required time in order for someone to go from Elafotopos to the village Vikos (or backwards) is almost 2 hours. In approximately half the way in the location Azmpozios the visitor has tree choices: to go down straight for the village Vikos, to continue straight for the height “Kastri” and then to turn back for Vikos, or to go up for the taller top (1.622 m) that is known by the name “Smintela”. From there in approximately ½ hour someone can reach in the ravine’s edge.

Z5. Elafotopos – Pano Pedina

From Elafotopo someone can move in the same altitude and after passing from the spring “Pera Pigadi” to reach in the village Pano Pedina.

Z6. Monodendri – Agioi Apostoloi

Beautiful path of 15’ easternly of the village Monodendri. Ideal for a walk.

Z7. Monodendri – Grounia

Small distance path 10’ in the village Monodendri. Suitable for a walk.

Z8. Monodendri – Oxia

In 1.15’ from the village Monodendri one can reach to the location “Oxia”. From there is has a panoramic view of Viko’s ravine. The path goes in between the characteristic towers-masterpieces from plates of limestone.

Z9. Vitsa – Vitsa’s Ladder – Viko’s Ravine

In 40’ from the square of the village Vitsa, one can reach the ravine of Viko after going through the eminent “ladder”, cobbled road of passed centuries with robust stoneworks. Little after the beginning of the path one can follow another path in the right (Z15) that leads to the village Dilofo. In the end of the “ladder”, in the ravine, the path is connected with path 03.

Z12. Negades – Kipi

Route duration approximately 1.30 hour, mainly through a forest, constituted by oaks, firs, maples etc. The route can also be done reversely. A marvelous vie of Zagori’s oak forest is offered to the visitor.

Z13. Negades – Tsepelovo

Route of almost 2 hours mainly inside the forest. The path passes from the height Saint John (1.231 m) and before continuing upwards for Tsepelovo it goes through the characteristic bridge scrambled in the shrinkage of the ravine “Vikaki”. The route can also be done reversely.

Z14. Mesovouni – Prophetes Ilias – Italian cemetery (1940) – Agios Minas

In 45’ north-easternly from the village Mesovouni one can reach the height Prophetes Ilias (946 m) where after the intense battles of the Greek – Italian war, was constructed a cemetery for the Italian soldiers. From this height the view is amazing, not only towards the gorge of Voidomati and the entire western Zagori , but also towards Pogoni. In ½ hour distance from the other side the village Agios Minas is located.

Z15. Dilofo – Vitsa

Almost 1 hour route that goes through the church of Saint John (with beautiful view to the ravine of Viko and the near villages of Zagori), to Dilofo, in order to end to Vitsa. In half way of the path one can leave the main route and to move right in order to walk towards the ravine of Viko, where it meets path 03.

Z16. Agios Minas – Evaggelistria – Kastraki – Voidomatis

From the village Agios Minas one can move north westernly and in approximately 1 hour to reach to the old stone bridge of Voidomati. In half the way and to the right, is located the height Kastraki where exist remains of the old fortification and settlements. In westwards of the height distinguishes the Byzantine church Evaggelistria. From the top of the height the view towards the gorge of Voidomati and Papigo’s towers is astonishing. The route can also be done reversely.

Z17. Aspraggelos – Monastery Aspraggelon

In one hour from the village Aspraggeloi one can move in the south-western side of Mitsikeli which leads to the monastery Aspraggeloi from where the view to the plain with the low hills of Ioannina - Zitsa’s region is marvellous.

Z18. Iliochori – Laista

Route duration 2 hours. The downhill path from Iliochori leads to the cross point of two rivers Cryopotamos and Raseniti (branch of Aoos). It follows the last one for a while in order to lead from the left (north) side in the end to the village Laista. The route can also be done reversely.

Z19. Laista – Vovousa

Route of approximately 4 hours that with starting line the village Laista leads via Morfa’s nape to Vovousa. The path goes through its’ biggest part along dense forests of conifers while is rescued a part from the old cobble-road. The route can be done reversely.

Z20. Laista – Gyftocambos

Approximately 2.30 hours route that with starting line the village Laista leads to the location Gyftocambos, from where also goes through the central street. The bigger part of the route goes through the forest (of mainly conifers). The route can be done reversely.

Z21. Monassi – Monastery Virgin Mary of Visoko

From the village Monassi in 1.30 hour north-easternly is located the monastery Virgin Mary of Visoko.

Z22. Skamneli – Pelasgika Walls

Small rout, in 15’ from the village Skamneli and after passing from the old monastery of Agia Paraskevi (Saint Friday), with astonishing view to the forests of central Zagori, leads to the remains of an ancient fortification (Pelasgika walls).The visitor can wonder for more than 1 hour above the walls following natural passages between enormous blocks of stone and dense leafage of trees.

Z23. Fragades – Bridge Th.Petsioni – Dipotamo

Route duration of 2 hours, from the village Fragades leads to the village Dipotamo. The path goes through forest of desiduous trees (mainly oak but also carnel tree etc). The bridge of Th.Petsioni is – in 50m bypass by the main route – one of the oldest and most imposingly bridges of Zagori. Other variations of the main path leads to the monastery of Saint Nikolaos and to the spring of V.Toli (in the right), to the Mill of Alexandri (in the left) and to the Saint Christoforos (to the right). The route can also be done reversely.

Z24. Elati – Mill – Agios Minas

Route duration less than 1 hour in low forests deciduous (oaks etc). The path little after the village Elati goes by the small bridge and the ruins of an old Mill in order to end up to the small church of Agio Mina with the characteristic beautiful bridge (the last 10’ are by the central road). Variant of the main path (instrad of passing from the bridge with the Mill, someone can continue north-westernly) leads to the location “Livadaki” where can also be found a small lake (Loutsa).

Z25. Pano Pedina – Monodendri

Route of 1 hour that connects the villages Pano Pedina and Monodendri. It can also be done reversely.

Z26. Dikorfo – Agios Giannis (Saint John)

Small route 30’ from the village Dikorfo to the small church of Agio Gianni (Saint John) where the view to the forests of central Zagori is marvellous.

Z27. Dikorfo – Tsouka

Route duration 2 hours from Dikorfo until the top Tsouka (1.594 m height) of Mitsikeli with astonishing view to entire Zagori.

Z28. Dikorfo – Stathi’s Bridge – Mill

Approximately ½ hour route that goes through Stathi’s stone bridge in order in the end to the old Mill.

Z29. Mikro Papigo – Kokkino Lithari (Red Stone)

Route 45’, view to Viko.

Z30. Megalo Papigo – Agia Kyriaki (Saint Sunday)

Route 1 hour.

Z31. Koukouli – Kipi

Route 30’, small Vikos, Lazaridi’s bridge.

Other Important paths of the region

03. The 03 from the village Dikorfo – where it reaches from Mitsikeli – is headed north and then north-westernly to the location Kipi. From there it crosses the gorge of Vikos – passing under the villages: Dilofo, Kapesovo, Vitsa, Monodendri, Vikos – in order to go up in Voidomati’s springs, to the village Papigo and immediately afterwards in the mountaineering shelter of EOOS. Then it crosses the alpine plateaux in order to descend through the passage of Karterou in the village Vrysochori. From there it continues in Palioseli and in Smolika.

E6. From Milia Metsovou crossing Valia Kalda it leads to Vovousa. From there is headed to Distrato.

Study – Descriptions Haritakis Papaioannou.