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Epirus is the ideal vocation place for all the seasons. It is a blending of mountainous volumes and fertile plains, excuisite villages, that obstinately resist in the passage of time and cities, a place where life and several buildings are witnesses of the brilliant and grate historical course.

Here it was created Epirus domain when Constantinople (Istanbul) fell in the hands of Francs. In the city of Ioannina Ali Pashas achieved great things as art and literature prospered. Apart from that, Ioannina was the most powerful economic centre during the Ottoman domination. Ioannina, and this should not be forgoten, was the headquarters of many national benefactors: Georgio Stavrou, Brothers Rizari, Averof, Tositsa and many other brilliant persons whose offer was really priceless. North-easternly form Ioannina unfolds scattered Zagori’s 46 villages that are separated in three geographic units in the space between the mountains Mitsikeli – Tymfes and the river Aoos.

Tsepelovo is geographically placed in the central Zagori, is county seat of municipaliry of Tymfes, as is the biggest village and it is considered one of the most beautifuls in Zagori.

Today Tsepelovo has 300 permanent residents.

Of course you can admire... walk... photograph... calm.

Tsepelovo is a place that offers peacefulness in those who want to escape from the stress of everyday’s routine of the big cities. Looseness and relaxation here comes naturally and effortlessly.

A walk in the morning or in the afternoon in the village’s cobbled roads will renew you. You can also visit the temple of Saint Nikolaos in the central square, which is an imposing building, a marvellous sample of Epirus religious temples from the 18th century. Even though externally it is lean, in the interior it assembles all the wealth and the variety emanation of economic facility of the residents of that time.

Next to the church in the courtyard area of Tsoufliou drugstore, is the grave of the grate poet Vilara.

Three Km from the village it is worth visiting the monastery of Agianni (Saint John) of Rogovo where one can feel mixed emptions...

Zagori map
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Zagori is a place behind the mountains, a peculiar cultural and geographic unit of 46 traditional villages. Their main characteristic is the old mansions built with an idiomorphic architecture, the stone bridges, large and remarkable from architectural and historical opinion, churchies and monasteries that unexceptionably combine historical and architectural interest with the gorgeous natural landscape.

Traveling along the villages of Zagori is a “game” of oppositions. Here the reality tightens with the dream, here everyone can enjoy all the greatness of nature, the absolute calm and the divine beauty.

TsepelovoIn the centre of Zagori’s villages is the biggest and one of the most beautiful villages, Tsepelovo. Geographically is placed in the central Zagori and is the county seat of Kapodistriakou Municipality of Tymfes. It is a place that offers peacefulness and calm in those who want to escape from the stress of everyday’s routine from the big cities. Looseness and relaxation here come naturally and effortlessly.

Spring and Autumn offers you a wealth of colours with astonishing chromatic shades of green. During summertime you will pass unforgetable vocations and nature’s adorers will be impressed by the many activities. During winter a white veil of snow covers the entiry region and in an idyllic landscape you will enjoy your drink next to the fireplace of your hotel.

In the central square of Tsepelovo you can find hotel “HAYATI”. It is a traditional stone-made building, with exceptional view in Pindos slopes, fully equiped with all the modern comforts for the satisfaction even of the most requiring costumer. The materials that were used for its’ construction stone, timber, and for the roof schistoce plates, makes it to look as an extention of the adjacent environment. In our luxurius rooms you will escape from the stress and worries of the city life. While during your stay you will have the pleasure to try our traditional dishes and pies (by request) from Zagori (chicken pies, vegetable pies, kokoretsi, kondosouvli and roast lamb).