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Zagori is well known that it’s a peculiar cultural unit of 46 traditional villages.

climbingGeographically placed between Ioannina, Metsovo and Konitsa, with natural limits mainly the oblong Mitsikeli, Gamila and the river Aoo.

ZagoriThe region is a rare combination from pines and firs scattered, crystal waters, graphic bridges, old mansions, beautiful churches and rich vegetation. The most richly region of the country in flora and fauna.

VikakiTsepelovo is found almost in the centre of Zagori giving the ability for all kind of access to the mountains’ adorers. From here one can begin to go up in the Gamila to visit Dracolimni (Dragon Lake), or if doesn’t want a big adventure to go up or down Vradeto’s Ladder. In the region is also located the river Voidomatis and the eminent gorge Vikos, rare biotopes, ideal for the friends of Kayak and walk. Naturally the region and its’ hotels are open and accessible all year around.

Tsepelovo, place of origin of Constantinos Rados (member of Philiki Etaireia), homeland of the grate actress Marika Kotopouli and place of burial of the poet Ioannis Vilaras, has big history.